"Cross between Lucinda-bred Americana and kudzu-style indie rock."  

Bill Friskics-Warren - No Depression  

"An unexpected treasure...one of the best debuts of the year."  

Steve Greenlee - Boston Globe  

"A wondrous debut, perfect in it's modest way..."  

Bill Friskics-Warren - No Depression  


Philadelphia Inquirer

'Perfect View'

This is one beautiful cd..quietly engrossing…crafting songs delicate and unfolding, works grounded in the everyday but gently transcendant…” ” 

Mark Tucker - Fame Review 

““…the girl sings like the love child of Elliot Smith and Billie Holiday and gets down with her instruments.…listen to ‘Perfect View’ once and tell me you don’t want to listen to it 10 times…I did.” ” 

Kirsten Schofield - LEO Weekly 

"Johnson has a unique voice that seems to drift through each track with just the right amount of feeling and emotion...the lyrics all carry weight, and are able to mean something to both the artist and listener." 


"Johnson commands attention with her soulful intensity." 

Newark Star-Ledger